The Princess of Elemental

Chelsea, Princess of Elemental (b. 2009) is the princess of the Principality of Elemental, Gapla’s longest-reigning and current most powerful state. Chelsea has shown an interest in social issues, genuine caring about Gaplan development, and being active in the Gaplan community as well as trying to further the mission of Gapla.

Her state has been active in both interstate sessions as well as general activity, and Elemental is seen across Gapla as a role model for new states.

Chelsea was in attendance at MicroCon 2022 Las Vegas, being the only Gaplan delegation other than the Prince of Gaplastovia to attend. She represented Gapla in her capacity as both a political leader (then-President of Gapla) and member of the monarchy.

In 2022, the Prince of Gaplastovia honored the Princess of Elemental with the title of “Grand Princess,” signifying the most senior female figure in the Gaplan nobility. She is also second in line to the Gaplan throne, behind the Prince of Folia Tail.

Abridged List of Awards, Honors, and Orders

Domestic Honors
The Royal Order of the Gaplan Star
Commander of the Order of the Gaplan Revolution
Commander of the Order of the Gaplan People
Recipient of the Service Ribbon for Loyalty
Recipient of the Service Ribbon for the Arts

Foreign Honors
The Order of the Polar Cross (Westarctica)
The Prime Minister’s Challenge Coin (Westarctica)
The 2022 Friendship Medal (West Who)
The Grand Order of Excelsior (Excelsior)

The Princess of Elemental at MicroCon 2022

During August 2022, the Princess of Elemental represented the Federated States of Gapla at MicroCon 2022, a biennual gathering of small countries from around the world. It was held in Las Vegas, NV by the Grand Duchy of Westarctica.

During the event, the Princess of Elemental received honors from the Terra Excelsior Republic, the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, as well as the Republic of West Who.

She was accompanied by the Prince of Gaplastovia on the trip.