The Prince of Folia Tail

Renaldo, Prince of Folia Tail (b. 2009) is the prince of the Principality of Folia Tail, the historic competitor of the Principality of Elemental. A great, active contributor to Gapla, he is one of the few people who has been able to compete with the Princess of Elemental in terms of sessions.

Folia Tail’s history is bumpy, with the Prince losing loyalty for Gapla for an extended period of time before regaining interest and coming back to the country. He is now a loyal member of Gapla’s monarchy and a figure in its political sector.

In 2022, the Prince of Gaplastovia honored the Prince of Folia Tail with the title of “Grand Princess,” signifying the second most senior male figure in the Gaplan nobility, behind only the Prince of Gaplastovia (Sovereign Prince of Gapla).

Abridged List of Awards, Honors, and Orders

Commander of the Order of the Gaplan Revolution
Commander of the Order of the Gaplan People
Recipient of the Service Ribbon for Bravery, Second Class