About the Prince

Wyatt, Prince of Gaplastovia (b. 2009), who is in that capacity the Sovereign Prince of Gapla, is Gapla’s head of state as well as leader of Gapla’s monarchy, which has a long tradition from the early ages of Gapla-Phoenix in 2015.

Originally intended to be a ceremonial and fundraising position, much of the Prince’s role involves representing Gapla internationally and using the monarchy to promote and raise funds for Gapla, including the scheme on the sale of noble titles.

Since Gapla’s restoration in 2019, it has had a monarchy and from then on Wyatt Baek has been serving as the Prince of Gaplastovia, first as the Prince of Gapla and then with many other titles before the realms system was introduced.

Abridged List of Awards, Honors, and Orders

Domestic Honors
Member of the Most Eminent of the Gaplan Star
Commander of the Most Valiant Order of the Gaplan Revolution
Commander of the Order of the Gaplan People
Recipient of the Service Ribbon for Bravery, First Class
Recipient of the Service Ribbon for Loyalty
Recipient of the Service Ribbon for Science

Foreign Honors
The Order of the Polar Cross (Westarctica)
The Prime Minister’s Challenge Coin (Westarctica)
The 2022 Friendship Medal (West Who)
Order of Sahamitra, Grand Companion (Vishwamitra)
The Grand Order of Excelsior (Excelsior)
Excelsioran Order of the Laurel, 3rd Class with Distinction (Excelsior)
National Junior Honor Society (United States)
The Second Anniversary Commemoration (Penn Federal Republic)
The Order of Diplomatic Service (Juniperia)

The Prince Represents Gapla Abroad

During August 2022, the Prince represented the Federated States of Gapla at MicroCon 2022, a biennual gathering of small countries from around the world. It was held in Las Vegas, NV by the Grand Duchy of Westarctica.

During the event, the Prince received honors from the Terra Excelsior Republic, the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, as well as the Republic of West Who.

He was accompanied by the Princess of Elemental during the trip.